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As the UK’s leading shower tray manufacturer, we want to make sure you’ve got all the handy tips and tricks when it comes to our installing our products. That’s why we’ve put together a selection of top tips and how-to tutorials for tray testing, preparation, and installation in a series of easy-to-follow videos. Take a look at the collection below which ensures seamless installation can be delivered to into the home, creating the ultimate bathroom look and design:

How to Bow Test & Water Test a Shower Tray| Installation

This tutorial takes you through a step-by-step guide for bow testing and water testing a shower tray correctly, to identify bowing and pooling, as well as the required equipment for carrying out the job. After watching this video, you will be able to determine a good or bowed shower tray.

Softstone by JT | Installation

This tutorial takes you through the installation of Softstone by JT, including the necessary installation kit and a step-by-step guide to a seamless shower tray installation process.

Evolved by JT | Installation

As explained by 2016 UK Plumber of the Year winner, Shaun Scott showcases how to install Evolved by JT. With over 10 years of experience installing Evolved by JT product for his customers, Shaun takes you through the three simple stages for installation including preparation, fitting and finishing.

 Evolved by JT | A detailed look

This video takes a detailed look at the Evolved by JT shower tray product specification and linear waste design. The video educates viewers of the tray’s linear waste design, manufactured in conjunction with Wirquin.



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